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With Easter only a few days away, many of us will be starting to get ready for our annual spring clean— the time of year where we dust off our feather dusters and give our homes and everything in it an intensive clean.

Spring cleaning your home can seem daunting and let’s face it – not much fun, but breaking the process down into simple steps – and roping in some help will get your tasks sorted in no time. Here’s a simple guide to help you when you’re embarking on you’re own spring cleaning routine:

Start with a cup of tea and a list

Stay focused and break the big spring clean into day by day steps and easier tasks to make it more… palatable. Organise yourself, your resources and priorities in your house – room by room is an excellent way to stay focused whilst cleaning. Doesn’t it seem easier already?

Take tips from professional cleaners and make sure that you can gather all the appropriate equipment before starting work and tackle each room in a disciplined manner – either clockwise or counterclockwise, whatever works for you.

Collect all the cleaning equipment you need

Once you’ve come up with a plan, you need to gather the tools to do the job: cleaning products. Scouring pads, cloths and rags are essential when it comes to deep-cleaning a home, as are a good number of high quality, anti-bacterial cleaning sprays.

You might like to consider getting specialist sprays for each room, depending on your cleaning requirements for each room. Thinking carefully about what items you need can help to improve your efficiency and speed!

Get rid of unwanted items and declutter

A spring cleaning session is a good excuse to get rid of items that are no longer needed in your home, or that you feel are simply cluttering up the place. Decluttering can not only make your home look cleaner and simpler, it can also help to improve your own wellbeing, as suggested by several studies.

Use sorting boxes

One of the biggest hurdles in usual house cleaning is dealing with laundry and all the misplaced items that need to go back to where they belong. So put a few boxes in the hallways and sort while you clean – laundry, bedsheets, duvets, curtains, bedspreads etc that need to go to the wash in one box, toys that belong in the kid’s rooms in another, etc.

And remember! Everyone big and small in the household should have an attributed task proportionate to their abilities; after all cleaning is something we should all do for the sake of our well being.

Tackle laundry and ironing with the help of Thirty Degrees

Spring cleaning is an ideal time to wash those particularly bulky items that you often only wash a couple of times a year— like curtains, mattress toppers or duvets. Obviously, your ordinary washing machine might struggle to cope with so much, so visit a launderette like Thirty Degrees!

At Thirty Degrees, we can collect your laundry items, – big or small, wash and iron so you can tick that one big task right off your list!

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